The Snazzy Edit | March

Now that February is over, I feel like Spring is here, even if there is still a nip of Winter in the air …

Every March I clear out my wardrobe of all things Winter. I’m talking dark colours, heavy knits and boots. It’s time for pastels, sandals/trainers and sunglasses.

There has been a purge of bright colours in the shops at the moment and let’s not forget on Instagram too! I’ve been loving seeing people experiment with colour and shying away from the neutral tones and blacks that in my opinion, I’ve seen too much of.

Sara Waiste, Nina Sandbech and Marianne Theodorson always catch my eye when it comes to beautiful colourful and print heavy outfits.

I’ve taken some inspiration from them to curate my monthly wishlist. I hope you enjoy it as much as I have putting it together.

Yasmin x

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