March Favourites

I don’t want to alarm anyone, but it’s now the 1st April! Where is this year going? On one hand, I’m extremely happy that we are another month closer to being out of lockdown, but on the other hand, I’m growing more concerned at the fact my 31st birthday is creeping up so quickly.

Anyway, let’s get stuck in to March Favourites.



I don’t know about you, but I am so over seeing neutral colours. I’m happy to wear bright colours for the foreseeable future thanks. 2021 has been gloomy enough without beige clothes!

NastyGal Shirt

Rugby Shirt

Stirrup Leggings

Floral Midi Dress

Monki, NastyGal and ASOS have some great options at a reasonable price, but if you’re looking for something a bit more high end, then you’ll want to check out Olivia Rubin.

Effie Dress

Chunky Sandals

I’m not a stiletto person, never really enjoyed having uncomfortable feet on a night out. But I do love a heel. Chunky platform sandals have always been my go to shoe of choice as you can really dress them up or down.

Tommy Hilfiger

Truffle Chunky Sandal

ASOS Sandal in Beige

Prada Chunky Sandals

These Prada ones are glorious but if you’re like me and can’t justify the £600 price tag, there are some great dupes.


Oversized T-Shirts

T-shirt’s are great to have in your SS wardrobe. They go with everything and can be styled in so many ways. A bold print will add a bit of character to your tee as well.

I love the Lucy and Yak Tees, and they’re sustainable!


Moroccan Oil Colour Depositing Mask

I’ve been getting really sick of my hair recently as the roots have grown beyond belief. So I added a bit of colour by using the Moroccan Oil Colour Depositing Mask in Rose Gold. It took to applications for it to go through my hair evenly but I’m really impressed.

The Body Shop White Musk

The Body Shop have rereleased their infamous White Musk perfume. This scent really takes me back to my secondary school days when I wore this first. Now you can add your own personal touch by choosing a scent topper.


Skinny Crunch / Dream / Whip

£1, 75kcal. Need I say more? You can get these in Home Bargains and B&M.


Upcycled Furniture

You may have seen from my Instagram that we got a new side unit for our dining area. This was a unit my Mum and Dad had planned to get rid of, until we decided it would look great painted green. They painted it for us and dropped it off. You would think that it came straight from!

Celebration Tree

My Mum also picked me up this white Easter Tree in Asda for only £5! I plan on decorating it for every occasion big or small!

What have you been loving this month?

SnazzyYazi xo

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