The Best IKEA Finds

IKEA. The best place to find everything and anything you need for your home all for an affordable price.

A lot of our furniture is from IKEA and since Lockdown started, we have been redecorating and updating rooms with IKEA furniture and accessories, so here are some of my favourite IKEA finds.


FRYKEN 3 x Boxes

KALLAX Shelving Unit

STOCKHOLM TV Unit & Coffee Table

FEJKA Artificial Plant

BRIMNES Dressing Table

IHALLIG Place Mat   – MITTBITT Place Mat SOMMARFINT GlassesFASCINERA Chopping BoardPARLBAND Tealight Holder YPPERLIG Table


We get loads of our plants in IKEA in store and also our Pots! 

The best place to buy frames! This is the 50cm x 70cm.

What have been your favourite finds from IKEA?

SnazzyYazi xo


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