At Home Brow Maintenance

When Lockdown was announced, we all knew our beauty regimes would be changed for the foreseeable future.

The things that have suffered for me are my nails and brows.

I knew that I would have to tackle these myself at home, so I ordered Brow tint from Amazon and I was so impressed, I thought I should share with you all too!

Firstly, I should mention that my eyebrows are microbladed by Define Aesthetics so I had a good base to begin with.

OK let’s get in to the steps.

1. Patch test 48 Hours before you apply to endure you aren’t allergic

2. Create the mixture

3. Apply vaseline to your skin to protect it from the dye

4. Apply dye

5. Remove after 10 minutes

6. Brush hair up and trim if you have long hairs

7. Tweeze strays

8. Brush and style

I really hope you found this useful and if you do try this dye, make sure to tag me on Instagram or post a pic to my Facebook page.

SnazzyYazi xo


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