Can you believe February is already over? This month was quite a bit less bleak than January, but not by much if I’m totally honest. The weather has been horrible so I’m hoping for some more sunshine in March.

There have been some things that have really pulled at my heart strings this month and I’ll share with you all right now!


February is such a huge month in the Fashion World. Its when Fashion Week runs for Autumn Winter and its when we begin to see amazing new Spring pieces in the shops.

I’m really loving Pastel Colours but also really simple and minimalistic style. I think these will be a massive trend for Spring.

I have a new YouTube Haul which includes loads of new Spring Trends. You can watch it here – https://youtu.be/8DXaiG4rxBE


Even though I’ve been really enjoying cooking healthy meals, we have had so many nice meals out this month too. There’s a new Tapas Restaurant in Derry, El Tapas Gra and we also enjoyed an amazing 6 course Dinner on Valentines Night at The Beech Hill Hotel.


This month, BPerfect released 2 new products which I’ve been loving using. The Indestructibrow Brow pencil and also the Matte Instant Tan. These are both reasonably priced too. You can buy these in Gordons Chemist and online here.

TV Shows

Next In Fashion was released on Netflix this month and I binge watched the whole series in a matter of days. 18 designers go head to head creating showstopping runway looks and the winner has a chance to win £100,000 and their line on Net a Porter. If you’re a fashion lover, this is the show for you!

I’m a bit late on the band wagon, but I’ve started watching Sex Education on Netflix and I now know what the hype is about. It’s hilarious while also touching on some serious topics. Definitely worth a watch.


I’ve been utterly obsessed with Harry Styles, Adore You and The Weekend, Blinding Lights.

What have you been loving this month?

SnazzyYazi xo

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