What’s in my Beauty Bag – Travel Edition

Who else panicks when they have to pack for an Overnight trip? I used to absolutely stress about packing. What if I pack too much? What if I don’t pack enough? I feel like I have eventually found the perfect beauty packing ingredients for a hotel stay whether it’s a staycation or a short flight away.

I make sure that I have a zipped clear bag full of mini toiletries ready to throw in to a bag for a night away. My favourite Minis are the Body Shop ones. You can buy these on offer usually – 3 for 2!

I also have loads of mini Khiels products that I like to keep only for travelling. Such as the facial cleanser and moisture treatment.

Makeup wise, I always carry my favourite foundation which is the Flormar Perfect Coverage and lipstick/lip liner duo, Mac Soar Liner and Creme in your Coffee lippie. This is my favourite combination at the moment!

I always keep samples or minis of makeup that I pick up in goody bags, magazines or at beauty counters. These are so compact so I can fit more in to my makeup bag.

The same goes for perfume. I always buy a few small bottles of perfume that are only around 30ml to keep in my handbag or for when I’m travelling. I had the Jenny Glow Nectarine Blossom and Honey, now I have the Body Shop Rose Musk which is simply to die for!

To save space on makeup brushes, I try to use pencils where possible. Which is why I take the Bperfect Indestructibrow with me. One end is also a spooly. 😜

For Spa Getaways I tend to stay away from developed tan because as soon as your foot touches that Jacuzzi, your tan is bound to come off patchy. I take a bottle of instant tan with me if I know I’ll be heading out for a few drinks post spa. The tan of choice at the minute is the Bperfect Matte. It smells delicious and is water resistant.

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SnazzyYazi xo

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