These are the best Topshop Coats for AW19

I love a coat. I have to admit. I may have a slight obsession. Trench coats, faux fur, puffer coats. I love them all. I always treat myself to one new Autumn/Winter coat every year. This year so far I have managed to pick up 2 that I absolutely adore. A Lime Green Vinyl Short Mac and a Cookie Monster Blue Faux Fur Bomber.

You can tell, these aren’t your standard run of the mill coats for Autumn, but for me, I’ve always liked “Snazzy” coats, since I was a child. I never tire of them. I buy what I love, I don’t buy because it’s “On Trend” and this way, your coats will stay in your wardrobe for years.

If you, like me are a coat fanatic – I have scoured Topshop for the coolest coats for the colder seasons so you don’t have to! PS There’s up to 30% off too.



Which coat is your favourite?

SnazzyYazi xo

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