Get a proper 90s Style for Christmas – Partnered Post

There can be no Christmas without a Christmas party outfit.

However, the choices you can find in shops can lack creativity. This year’s favourites are a combination of velvet dresses and jumpsuits and sequined skirts and tops. On the one hand, both materials are fab. But on the other hand, you’re going to struggle to stand out in either of the two outfits. The entire celebrating population will be either wearing one look or the other!

So, if you want to celebrate Christmas with a big wow factor, you need to dig deeper into the fashion box. You need to take a look at the best trends of the moment. Think combat boots, camouflage patterns, and cute little dresses: Welcome to the 1990s! If you’re trying to stand out this Christmas, the best you can do to give the festive season a creative touch is to create a trendy 90s tongue-in-cheek style.

Pikachu Board Map Game Mania Pokemon Territory



Why the 1990s?

Admittedly, while there might be more glamorous fashion statements for a Christmas party – you are probably thinking of the typical swing petticoat dresses that we all know from classic films – nothing says party like the 90s. For a start, the decade has given to the music world a lot of classic tunes that everybody knows and loves, from the Spice Girls to Oasis. It’s impossible not to find yourself singing each time Wannabe or Wonderwall plays on the radio. There’s a good reason for that: The 1990s had a sense of fun and playfulness that you need to make the most of the next Christmas party. Besides, for anybody who grew up in the 80s and 90s, it’s the perfect memorabilia decade: You’ve probably got most of the items still, and it’s now properly vintage!


Accessorize for the decade

How do you make it 1990s without digging out all the oldies that might not fit anymore? With funkily designed phone cases you can evoke the colour and style from the 90s without needing to copy it. Another fantastic addition is to use statement socks to date your outfit. Do you remember your favourite card game when you were a child? Pokemon cards were popular in schools, so you can be sure that a pair of socks showing Pikachu at its best is not going to get unnoticed! You can even find a poke ball belt to complete the look!


The iconic hairstyle

Last, but not least, getting the perfect 1990s hairstyle can be tricky. While the Rachel’s iconic, classic haircut that is perfectly ‘bouffanted’ as she called it might not be a sensible choice – you probably don’t want to look like Rachel from Friends for the next few months of your life – there are other alternatives that are easier to replicate. Indeed, do you remember Britney and Xtina fighting for attention as teenagers in the 90s? Their go-to style was crimped hair. If you begged your mom to get you a hair iron at the time, it’s likely it had a crimped extension. Failing that, you can get it done at your local salon. And it will disappear with the first wash!


Get it all crimped


A 1990s Christmas party look is not glamorous. But if you’re going for something atypical and playful, you’re guaranteed to score full points with your nostalgic sense of fashion.


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