Practicality And Style: Where Do The Two Meet? – Guest Post

This is the question that we all want to answer when we try to be fashion icons. After all, not every trend is practical for the everyday person. The Kardashian look, for example, would not be acceptable in most workplaces. You’d probably even find that your friends would be uncomfortable if you went out with them in some of the outfits worn by celebrities. But where do practicality and style meet? Do you have to choose between one and the other? No. Let’s talk about getting the balance right.


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Well-fitted clothing.

Whatever your size or shape, well-fitted clothing is always the answer to looking stylish and still dressing in a practical way. Even in a work environment, this applies. A casual summer dress, for instance, might be able to turn into appropriate work attire with a nice belt as an accessory; it’ll bring in your loose dress for a more shapely and professional look. Additionally, it’ll look better too. Fashion is about accentuating your natural appearance. A pair of well-fitted jeans with some trainers might not sound particularly adventurous, but simplicity can often be the most fashionable option. After all, the simplistic minimalistic look is timeless. That’s the best option if you want your outfits to look good throughout the years. Throwaway fashion is never the way to go.


The important thing to accept about accessorising, right off the bat, is that it’s about more than an aesthetic. Your style benefits from captivating and eye-grabbing pieces of clothing, of course, but there can also be a practical purpose to accessorising. A handbag, for example, can be a bright and shiny addition to an already-beautiful outfit, but it’s also functional; it stores your daily essentials. You need to make sure you get the balance right when it comes to practicality and aesthetic. In the modern age, accessories are always evolving (that’s fashion in a nutshell, after all).

Your phone plays a big part in this, for example. That isn’t to say you have to spend a fortune on the new iPhone if you can’t afford it, but you should think about the way you present your phone if you want to add a little bit of glitz to your look. Don’t opt for a tacky phone case; opt for a sleek and visually-captivating one. You might want to look into TextNow phones if you’re looking for something that’s cost-effective, practical, yet aesthetically-pleasing. It’s a hard line to walk, but the best accessories get the balance just right.


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Thrift shopping.

If you’re wondering where practicality and style meet when it comes to cost then charity shops are your best bet. In most major retailers, you have to spend a lot of money to get high-quality clothes that are fashionable too. When thrift shopping, however, you’ll find much better options in terms of both cost and fashion. It just requires some time and patience on your part, but it can be a fun experience. Finding a hidden gem in a charity shop can be such a rewarding moment. Plus, it feels good to buy second-hand items rather than contributing to the wastefulness of fast fashion.

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