How McDonald’s has become Trendy

We’ve all loved McDonald’s since we were bought our first Happy Meal when we were little, and McDonald’s has had quite the makeover since then.

I was invited to Strand Rd, L’Derry McDonald’s to check out their major digital makeover as well as a new dual lane drive thru.

The inside has been updated to look like a quirky restaurant rather than a fast food joint, with new signs and posters on the wall.

In addition to the cool new decor, there is now a brand new ordering system where you order at a kiosk and pay via card.Table service has also been introduced to the restaurant, which aims to take the stress out of finding somewhere to sit when carrying food, potentially with children, bags and buggies.

My usual order consists of:

  • Sweet Chilli Chicken Wrap (no cucumber)
  • Americano

With the new ordering system, it becomes even easier to customise your order.

What I also found out on my trip is that everything’s made from scratch and there is deliveries 4 times a week to ensure the food is fresh.

Have you checked out the new McDonald’s store in Derry/Londonderry or any other store?

SnazzyYazi xo

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  1. I recently went for a “sit down” McDonald’s and I couldn’t believe how much they have switched up the decor! It is actually really nice. Although I wasn’t to sure about the kiosk I still like to have service with a smile lol


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