BPerfect Spray Tan Review – Aura Beauty and Wellbeing

Good afternoon lovelies!

The summer season is upon us and it is more than likely that you either have a special event coming up, maybe a wedding? Or a Summer holiday.

And if you are like me, and live in Northern Ireland where the sun comes out for approximately 3 hours per year, your skin will be as pale as Casper. For these special occasions, you will want to be transformed into an absolute golden goddess. Am I right? Of course I am… 🙂

Never fear my friends, I have found the answer to your tanning woes.

BPerfect Spray Tan at Aura Beauty and Wellbeing.

Pre Tan

A few nights before I was going for my spray tan, I knew to scrub off any tan that was still residing on my skin and I exfoliated and moisturised.

The Spray Tan Experience

This was my very first time getting a spray tan so I wasn’t quite sure of spray tan etiquette. It’s quite nerve wracking knowing that you are going to have to get your nips out in front of a stranger but the girls at Aura made me feel super comfortable.

I went for the Ultra Dark tan as I knew I wanted my tan to last. The tan dried almost instantly which meant no hanging around. I was literally in and out within 20 minutes which was a massive bonus for me.

Post Showering

As always, some of the tan came off in the shower the next morning but it didn’t fade, only took off any excess residue to leave a really golden brown colour.

Overall Colour and Wear

Everyone commented on my tan and how they loved the colour and I have to say I loved it too! The colour overall stayed for around a week but after a 3 days it started to get a bit dry. So if you decide to get a spray tan, make sure to moisturise every day.



If you want to find out more about the BPerfect Spray Tan at Aura, you can contact them on 028 7188 5200, and their Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/Aura-Beauty-and-Wellbeing-133308553346334/SnazzyYazi xo

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