What to Wear: When you have the January Blues

Good Afternoon, and Welcome to another glorious day in January…

Since the first week in 2018, I had been struck down by the dreaded flu… but it hasn’t all been bad, I have since had a photo shoot with Lucy’s Lens, my blog celebrated it’s First Birthday and I’ve also reached #39 on the Top 60 Irish Fashion Bloggers List! Yay!

Now I know a lot of you will have the January blues after the high of Christmas. But fear not. I have found the most outrageous, fun, quirky items to brighten up any dreary, rainy day.

Topshop £74.99
Topshop £35
Topshop £36
ASOS £120 Zara £25.99
Zara £29.99
Zara £29.99
Skinny Dip £120
Skinny Dip £25

I guarantee, your January will become a lot less dreary and much more fun if you decide to purchase any of these.

How do you make January a little brighter?

SnazzyYazi xo

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