Trends that I’m taking with me to 2018

Hello lovely, lovely followers, and welcome back to a new blog post.

As it’s January, I’ve vowed to spend as little money as possible, on clothes, food and the dreaded alcohol. This spending ban means that I’ll be divulging in to the deepest darkest corners of my wardrobe to find great items that I already have.

So far, it’s been pretty easy! You forget how many great pieces that you’ve picked up over the past few years. So if you want to know about what trends I’ll be wearing this year, keep on reading.

Berets – seriously, the obsession is real. I won’t stop until I have a beret in every colour. These hats have been idolised by every insta influencer in 2017, and the obsession will continue this year.

Checks – Blazers, skirts, scarves, trousers, bags, suits, you name it. Check Print will look good on it. I love a monochrome, Prince of Wales Check but Primary Colour tartan will also brighten up any plain outfit.

Glitter/Sequins – Not just for Christmas, Glitter and Sequins are set to be a massive trend this year, which I’m sure every fashion lover will be happy with. I know I’ll be sticking with the lighter colours such as silver and pink for Spring Summer.

Pearls – Not just for necklaces! Last year, we seen pearls on jumpers and cardigans, now they’re cropping up on belts and berets (see above). Pearls seem to give a girly and classy edge to any accessory.

What’s your favourite trend to carry on from last year?

SnazzyYazi xo

Photos: Lucy’s Lens Photography

Blazer, Belt, T-shirt, Boots – All Primark



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