#TrendingNow Rainbow Stripes

Every season there always seems to be that one cult fashion item that hits the high street that all fashion bloggers become obsessed with and it seems to be a contest of who can get the best Insta shot.

This Christmas Season, Ladies and Gents, I present to you, GAP‘s Crazy Stripe Jumper.

Picture by The Frugality

Not only has GAP released this Fab-U-Lous piece in a ladies jumper, you can also find the print in a onesie, a dress, a hoody and you can kit the whole family out as it’s even available for kids and men! See the collection here.

Photo by Megan Ellaby

I first spotted this jumper on Black Friday on one of my favourite fashion sites, Who What Wear and I knew I needed it immediately. The colours, the stripes, the cosy look… it’s perfection!

Now, can you imagine my heartache when I realised there was only a size XS left on the Black Friday Sale day (there was 40% off). So a few days later, my mum sent me a discount code for 50% off for GAP, and low and behold, there it was a size L.

So I waited very patiently (not really) for the post man to deliver this magnificent stripy knit and once it arrived, I knew it would make for the best blog post.

To be honest, I first thought that this jumper would look great with a green metallic skirt, but when I put it on, it looked a bit gammy to say the least! Don’t you just hate that? You have a class outfit idea in your head but when you put it on you look like a rotten potato.

So I paired them with these £5 Primark trousers but I’d love to wear it with red to make the perfect Christmas Day outfit!

I also think this jumper would look great with a polo neck or white shirt underneath!

I feel like a jumper this colourful and fun deserves quirky accessories like these H & M Earrings and sparkly boots!

What do you think of GAP’s Crazy Stripe range?

SnazzyYazi xo

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