Trend Alert: Velvet


Hi everyone and welcome back to another Christmas Fashion Trend. This week, as the title would suggest is going to focus on velvet, a trend that I particularly love this time of year.

Last week, my boyfriend was rummaging through my wardrobe, on this occasion I asked him to pick me a top, and was completely confused as he picked out, not 1, no not 2 but 7 velvet tops.

“Why the heck would you need all these velvet tops? You have one in every colour.” Well for that reason dear Andy, I NEED one in every colour…

Yes, it’s fair to say I’m a bit obsessed. There’s nothing quite like a Velvet blazer to make an outfit a bit more Christmassy.

OK, so enough about me.. let’s get on to the good stuff…. 7 Velvet pieces that are to DIE FOR!

For the Christmas Work Party

Ok, I can honestly say that this dress is beautiful on… I spied this in Pippa Boutique in L’Derry at the weekend and fell in love! I tried it on and it is just the perfect fit…

Lavish Alice | £85

For a Christmas Shopping Day

PLEASE AVERT YOUR EYES FROM THOSE MONSTROSITIES ON HER FEET. If you can imagine this dress with a Baker Boy and a pair of Vans, you are on to the perfect shopping to bar outfit.

Nasty Gal | £30

For a Girl’s Night Out

I know, I’m a bit obsessed with the Galaxy style print at the moment, but with very good reason! It just looks effortlessly cool, especially with a pony tail. Although, I’m not a HUGE fan of the trousers, I would probably pair this with black skinnies or kick flares.

Mango | £25.99

For Christmas Eve Drinks

I spied this Velvet Suit in Dublin when I was down a few weeks ago, and when I spied Megan Ellaby wearing the jacket, I knew we were on to a winner. That girl can do no wrong! Tuck in a Christmassy T-shirt underneath for Christmas Eve drinks.

Topshop | £117

For Christmas Dinner

Maybe some of you lounge about in PJ’s on Christmas Day, and I know some people like to get dressed up.. But seriously, who wants to be wearing a really pretty outfit but feeling uncomfortable after eating too much Christmas Pudding? No. Didn’t think so. The fit of this dress is a bit more roomy than most and would be super comfy too. Add a pair of tights and you’re even cosier!

H & M | £24.99

For Boxing Day

Same goes for Boxing Day, I usually chill out, eat sweets and watch Star Wars, so I want to be extra comfy lying on the sofa with a blanket. Because of the style of this blouse, you may as well be wearing Pyjama’s!

New Look | £19.99

For the New Years Eve Party

It was an absolute coincidence that the best outfit was saved for last. We have a double whammy – Velvet Dress and Velvet Boots. As per usual, there’s nothing I would style differently, Zara usually hits the nail on the head when styling their models.

Zara |  £69.99

What’s your favourite look from this post?

SnazzyYazi xo

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