Designers at Fashion Fest – Nicola McLaughlin

As you will have seen over my blog and social media from the past few weeks, I’m the resident blogger for Derry’s Fashion Fest 2017! Hooray! You can read more about it here.

One thing I absolutely love about Fashion Fest is that it focuses on designers from all over Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland.

One of this years designers Nicola McLaughlin, is no stranger to Fashion Fest as she has showcased her designs twice before, and I am so excited to see what she has in store for this years show!

I’ve followed Nicola’s Social Media for many years and have always been a huge fan of her style, so when I found out she was a designer for another Fashion Fest show, I knew I wanted to find out more!

Nicola is the proud owner of The Sequin Cinderella Boutique and Blog. Situated just outside Derry/Londonderry in Buncrana. Oh and did I mention she’s won many of awards and was a Finalist in this years V by Very Blog Awards?!

Here are some of Nicola’s amazing designs from previous Fashion Fest Shows.

If you want to find out more about Nicola, you can follow her here:

Fashion Blog: “The Sequin Cinderella”
Instagram – thesequincinderella
Snapchat – sequincinders
Twitter – sequincinders

Are you attending Fashion Fest this year?

SnazzyYazi xo



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