Love them or Hate them – The Kitten Heel is BACK

Everywhere I look these days, I see Kitten Heels. A few years ago you wouldn’t have caught me dead in anything smaller than 5 inch heels, but as I’ve grown a little older, I’ve realised that tottering about in heels that you can’t walk in isn’t a good look.

So lucky for me, 1-2 inch heels are back on the fashionable spectre. Now I can be comfy AND trendy all at once. WOO!

Although, there are some gals who still might need a little push in to loving these cute little heels as for many years they have been seen as the outcasts of the shoe world. To change perspectives, I’ve gathered the 7 trendiest kitten heels on the market!

Topshop Bon Bon Kitten Boots – £36


Zara Kitten Heel Shoes with Bejewelled Straps £69.99


Next Animal Print Leather Kitten Heels £45


Office Madam Pointed Kitten Heels £65


Mango Velvet Slingback Shoes £45


ASOS SOLO Kitten Heel £30


New Look Gold Knot Front Pointed Kitten Heels -£25

So what’s your verdict on these? Are you a fan?

SnazzyYazi xo


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