Whiter Teeth in just 1 Hour – with The White House

Last week, I was invited to an Hour Teeth Whitening Treatment at The White House in Belfast. (Situated on the Lisburn Road)

I’ve never had my teeth professionally whitened before so I was extremely excited but a bit apprehensive.

From using at home teeth whitening strips, I knew that whitening can make your teeth sensitive (even a cold wind can cause a massive squeal of pain).

But – I wanted teeth to shine brighter than the sun so I arrived at The White House last Thursday to start my treatment.

I was advised not to drink Tea/Coffee or anything that would stain my teeth for 24 hours before and after treatment. This was extremely difficult for me as I can’t go a couple of hours without a caffeine fix.

Here’s what The White House say about their treatment, “Unlike beauty salon’s that provide many beauty and cosmetic treatments, and general dental practices, who provide a whole range of dental, cosmetic dental and often non dental treatments, The White House Teeth Whitening specialise ONLY in laser teeth whitening. With our Specialists performing over 800 treatments per year,  we believe our patients benefit from the improvement in technique, knowledge and experience associated with treating more patients, which in our opinion ultimately results in improved results. We can also keep our overheads lower because we focus on teeth whitening only,  allowing us to pass that saving onto the customer.”

The receptionist and dentist were lovely – and very professional. As I sat on the chair, the dentist explained the treatment and matched the colour of my teeth.

The mouth guard wasn’t too uncomfortable, and I was very relaxed chilling in the chair watching the news.

Three 15 minute sessions of teeth whitening later, I was done.

“The White House  whitening gel (comprising 6% Hydrogen Peroxide) is specially formulated to improve general oral health, by helping to strengthen the teeth and the light accelerator also kills 95% of any harmful bacteria that may be in the teeth and gums.”

My teeth were 5 shades brighter than before. I was really pleased with the difference – treatment is definitely worth £145. 



I have since cut down on my coffee intake as it was explained that coffee is the biggest culprit for teeth staining.

If you want to find out more about The White House, go to their website: http://whitehouseteethwhitening.co.uk/best-teeth-whitening-in-ireland/

SnazzyYazi xo


  1. I cannot believe how many shades whiter your teeth our after one session. I paid twice that amount at my dentist for whitening solution & teeth shield. A total waste of money as I couldn’t use it as it made my teeth so sore & my nerves in my hands go crazy for some reason. The White House is definitely worth a visit 😘

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