H & M Clothing Haul

Well, well, well… The new season has well and truly begun. Autumn Winter ranges are in the shops and the new styles and colours are absolutely gorgeous!

But one shop that stands out above the rest is H & M. The Scandinavian brand has completely blew other high street stores out of the water, with their love of the colour red to their Gucci Lookalikes, this store has become the Top Dog in my eyes.

I’ve picked up a few of their new items in store and online over the past few weeks, and if you follow my Facebook you will have seen the “Come Shopping With Me” post where I got a little spendy in H & M Letterkenny!

So as promised, here’s the haul of all the gorgeous pieces I’ve picked up! Hopefully you find some inspiration for your new season wardrobe.

Top: £19.99 Trousers: £17.99
Top: £19.99
Dress: £19.99


Top: £12.99

I also picked up this top, but I just didn’t love it as much as I thought it would, so i’m returning it.

Top: £24.99

And also these jeans which I love but haven’t got a chance to wear yet! ❤

Jeans £34.99

What do you all think? Leave your comments below! ❤

SnazzyYazi xo



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