Kiss Products 

You may have seen that I was at the Kiss Summer Party at The Merchant a few weeks ago and while there, I was fortunate enough to receive a big bag of goodies 😍 

Kiss Products are available in ASDA and Boots. I’ve seen them in these stores before but never tried them until now. 

So, here’s what I got: 

Here’s the lashes on:

Lily Lashes

Peony Lashes

And here were my nails:

Whats the verdict? 🤔

I liked the false nails – I wore a set on holidays and they lasted quite well! I had to reglue a few before the week was out but nothing major!

The eyelashes however are on another level 😍 they’re so wispy and pretty but so natural! And the glue sticks really well. No dodgy half-on/half-off eyelashes with these babies 👌🏻 

Have you tried these before? Comment below 😘

SnazzyYazi xo

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