5 Wardrobe Essentials

No.1 – Jeans

I am hand on heart a jeans girl, always have been, always will be. Skinny jeans are like my uniform. 

My favourite styles right now are: ripped, relaxed fit and pink πŸ‘–

No. 2 – Statement Jacket

Living in Northern Ireland, I will always have to leave the house wearing a jacket.  So jackets / coats are an absolute essential for me. If you have the right jacket, it can transform a plain outfit into something really cool. πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

My favourite styles right now are: Embroidered, Bomber Jackets and Suede. 

No. 3 – A White Shirt

A white shirt works for any occasion. End of story. Going shopping? Wear your white shirt. Going to work? Wear your white shirt. Attending a wedding? White shirt πŸ‘€

A white shirt looks great with trousers, under dresses, pleated skirts and jeans! And there are so many different styles, so you can find one that suits you! πŸ™ŒπŸΌ

My favourite styles right now are: Boyfriend Fit, or anything Frilly.

No. 4 – The Little Black Dress

Every woman in the world will own at least one LBD, since Audrey Hepburn rocked hers in Breakfast at Tiffanys. 😍

A little black dress with a pair of colourful or patterned shoes make the perfect Girls Night Outfit πŸ‘ŒπŸ»

My favourite styles right now are: One shoulder/cold shoulder, Mesh insert and wrap around. 

No. 5 – Relaxed Fit T-Shirt

The one clothing item I buy more than anything is t-shirts. If you see me out and about, I’m more than likely wearing a t-shirt and jeans πŸ‘€

They’re affordable, comfy and go with everything! 

My favourite styles right now are: Band T-Shirts, Pink and Statement Sleeves. 

What’s your absolute clothing essential? ☺️

SnazzyYazi xo

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