Luxury v Affordable: Highlighters

If I were only allowed to use one makeup item for the rest of my life – I would 140% choose Highlighter. 🌟 When you’re having a rubbish makeup day, slap some Highlighter on your cheek bones and you will feel 100x better 🤘🏼

We all know that the big dogs like Anastasia and Cover FX rule the Highlighter world, but what if we were able to find a more affordable alternative?

I’ve found dupes for both these and I’m going to test them out 🌟

Anastasia Beverly Hills That Glow V PS Pure Glow

ABH claims that the results from this Glow Kit are flawlessly incandescent, and Primark say that theirs will transform you into a Golden Goddess or Sparkling Queen.

They both have similar packaging and the formulas are also alike. One vast difference is the price tag – £39 for Anastasia and £5 for Primark!


Anastasia Beverly Hills

You can check out my video using the Primark Highlighter Kit HERE

Now we move on to the liquids.

Cover FX Custom Drops in Celestial v Sleek Liquid Highlighter in Monaco

These are almost identical in colour – Custom FX is slightly more oily but over all they are very similar. Cover FX costs £34 and Sleek only £8.99.

Cover FX on top, Sleek on bottom. 

What’s your favourite Highlighter? Do you use High End brands or Drug store products?

SnazzyYazi xo

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