Primark Haul / Outfit Ideas

So. Everyone knows I am an absolute Primark junkie. I must mutter the words “Thanks, It’s from Primark” at least once a day. 

Primark have seriously stepped up their game in style and quality. And I have been loving it! 

I’ve put together some outfit ideas for you – all from Primark. Hopefully you will find some inspiration 😘

Top: £4
Boots: £3 😍 #Bargain

Think this look would be fab with a pair of cropped straight leg jeans 👌🏻

Dress: £13

Shoes: £14Top: €10

Shoes: £3 #Bargain

I’ll wear this top and shoes with white skinny jeans. 😍 Pink and Lilac are really on trend at the mo!

Dress: €16

Belt: £3

Shoes: £1 #Bargainofthecentury

If you’re looking for an outfit for a night out, or just a casual look, Primark is killing it right now! 😎

Would you wear any of these looks? Comment below 😘

SnazzyYazi xo

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