Cool and Quirky Glasses – With CrossEyes Derry

I’m sure if you wear glasses you will know the struggle of finding a pair to suit your own style and personality.

As someone who wears glasses 80% of the time – I want to keep up to date and have trendy glasses regularly. I had difficulty finding the perfect pair until I came across CrossEyes. 😍

I picked up two frames from CrossEyes and I’m so in love. Here’s a bit more info on CrossEyes;  CrossEyes is a Danish optician franchise which is currently expanding throughout the U.K. The Derry/Londonderry store is run by husband and wife dream team -Patrick and Claire Mulvenna. Located in the Diamond area, the contemporary store provides an exciting Danish alternative to fashionable eyewear. The CrossEyes concept – Cool Danish design should be for everyone! 🤓 The best thing about CrossEyes – all frames are the same price! And they can be easily customised into sunglasses!

And here’s some of their fab frames:

*Pictures taken by CrossEyes Derry/Londonderry

I had difficulty picking out a pair I loved but Claire was very helpful and knew exactly what would suit me! She helped me pick out a Magenta pair and a Black Round pair. Both metal frames – just what I was looking for!

For more info, check out their Facebook page here: CrossEyes L’Derry also on Instagram: @crosseyes_derry Contact Number: 028 7126 5425

SnazzyYazi xo


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