Primark – Insta Girl makeup

One rainy Monday, I popped in to my local Primark to pick up some more of my favourite PS Pro Foundation in Ivory.

To my absolute horror. They were out of stock. πŸ˜’ But, every cloud has a silver lining. I spotted brand new makeup in sleek new packaging.

Of course I had to buy. All in the name of research of course. 😏

Primark – PS Insta Girl

Primark insta girl lipstickPrimark insta girl makeup
“Instagram Baddie” makeup is so on trend right now, with flawless skin, massive eyelashes and brown/nude lips. So I think it’s fab that Primark are offering affordable “Instagram Ready” makeup.

I picked up 2 new lipsticks, a lip liner, a prime and anti- shine balm and a flash photo Primer. All for £10.50. 😱

I’ve been using the anti – shine balm and powder all week, and it does what it says. My skin would be quite oily around my cheeks and nose and the balm helped this before applying foundation. The powder is also quite good for setting your foundation. The products aren’t groundbreaking but for the price of a pint of beer, you couldn’t really beat it! I will say though, I do like the packaging! 

I really liked the *pink* lipstick with a PS lip liner I bought previously. It’s a nice, easy to wear,  everyday colour. Good wear too. Only reapplying after I ate!

The more grey colour however…. made me look as if I hadn’t seen sunlight for 26 years. Personally I wasn’t keen, but if you like grey tone lipsticks then this would be great for you at only Β£2!

There is other items too in this range such as a darker lipstick and a blue lipgloss which promises to make your teeth whiter! As well as fab fake nails 😍

If you’ve tried any of these, let me know in the comments below πŸ˜„

SnazzyYazi xo


  1. Yh beautiful , long lasting and good . Loved them wanted them to last forever. ❀️❀️❀️❀️They’re litπŸ”₯πŸ”₯

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